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Siparex Entrepreneurs

Siparex Entrepreneurs

Siparex addresses the needs of regional intermediate-sized companies that are seeking growth or buyout financing.


Growth capital investments to finance intermediate-sized companies that have an ambitious internal growth project or plans for acquisitions, with the aim of consolidating their market or projecting their French know-how on the international scene.

Buyouts, buyins, and equity restructuring based on our understanding of ownership considerations and aimed at establishing the appropriate form of corporate governance during transitions.



Our network enables us to offer CEOs upstream support in identifying target companies, and we offer hands-on assistance with the technical aspects of acquisitions.

Cross-Border Expansion:

We put all our forces to work, mobilizing not only our networks, but also Siparex Group teams based outside France (Italy, Spain, Germany), our co-investment funds based in Canada and North Africa, and Siparex Cap International.

Digital Transformation:

We put CEOs in contact with top specialists to ensure their company’s digital transformation. They benefit from assistance provided by our innovation unit (XAnge), the Group’s network of experts, and the experience of other CEOs.